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Jelly Bean - Lent program

Jelly Bean - Lent program

This program was shared on facebook as a fun way to celebrate lent with kids. It goes off the jelly bean prayer, which my girls are very familiar with.

We hope that with the recent trend of bad behavior they have had, maybe this will show them that good behaviour is so much better!!!

I used AMC's Jelly Bean style (though i had to edit it like crazy to get a white bean) and SNU's SS Emb Easter Basket.

CC appreciated


OOOH How does it work? the girls each get a jar today.. (ash wednesday) and every day they can earn the jelly beans listed above... they get to work on filling their own jars up to easter. Easter Night.... Jesus comes and fills the rest of their jar with white beans... simbolizing the fullfillment you can only recieve with Jesus.

    What a cool idea to hang on the fridge, Angela!
    Love it, Angela! What a neat way to celebrate Lent with the kids! I love my jelly beans too so might not be a bad idea for grownups too!
    This is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this.
    This is wonderful! I'm going to mention this to my DD-I-L (mother of the most adorable grandkids on the planet). I love the way you scrapped it, simply and colorfully. I especially like the font you chose: it's clear to read, yet a little fun.
    How neat is this?? Thanks for sharing.
    This is very cute Angela! I hope it helps get the girls on track in the behaving department! Nothing like a Jelly Belly!