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this is us having our one week of summer all this summer....!!

we had a ball and enjoyed every single minute of our holiday.


    Great job with a lot of photos!! Such a fun, active layout. Love it :) I miss you Jo! It's so fun to see your layouts!
    Wow. I love this. I like the way you arranged your photos, the large background photo and the title. The water splashing over the bottom two photos, the embellishments and the ribbons are really lovely. I have put this in my favorites. Great layout.
    What great photos and love the arrangement! Love the embellies you used to anchor your photos and I really like the water splashing up on some of your pics - nice layout!
    Love this and yes It certainly looks like you have had a wonderful holiday.
    Wow, great layout and looks like a lot of fun!
    I love how you arranged your photos -- great idea and looks really good.
    Fabulous grouping of photos, Jo! Gotta love the one with Al's tee shirt all filled with air!
    What a great way to group all these photos. I really like how the water washes over the bottom of the lower two pictures. I also like the cut out picture on the lower right. This looks like so much fun.
    Fabulous, as always, Jo! I love how the waves splash over the frames on the left side!
    Such a great layout!
    Oh Jo... I want to come to your house and go to the pool with you! Love, love, love the photo as the background.