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Thursday Green Challenge Paddy's Wigwam

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A photo from my recent visit to Liverpool. It is a fantastic building. The inside of the cathedral is "in the round" and the whole interior is bathed in soft blue light from the stained glass. The photo I took of the inside really did not do it justice so I left it out.




The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is affectionately known as Paddy's Wigwam! The idea for an architecturally significant building was conceived at the beginning of the 20th Century. The world famous architect Sir Edwin Lutyens was approached and he designed what would have been the world's largest cathedral. The plan was abandoned at the outbreak of war with only the crypt completed. This building was designed in the 1960's by Sir Frank Gifford and completed by the mid 1970's on a much more modest scale than that envisaged when the planning began. It is still a stunning building.



TCS SS AlphaDistressedMonograms

SNU Momento Embg Flourish

BMU SSStyle Ragamuffin

CKA SSPaper TextureClassic

MRE SSPaper Downtown

JHI SSPaper ScrubbedRaw

KSC AYOZoom RoughHewn Emb Frame

Shamrock bg paper made using PSE9 shape

Font monotype corsiva




© © Hilary Locke

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What an amazing photo! Thank you for including all the info on it; I learned something! Great job on the challenge!

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