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Truly my dearest Friend

Truly my dearest Friend

Many people have special stories of amazing friendships they have made through digital scrapbooking and this is mine. Joyce Schardt is the dearest friend to me. We have never met or even spoken over the phone yet I am honoured to call her one of my very dearest friends.

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We have never met or even spoken but my dearest Joyce I am honoured to have you as one of my dearest friends. Our friendship was born from a joint passion for preserving our memories as keepsakes but has blossomed far beyond this. Over the last few years I have come to know what a wonderful person you are and. through our frequent emails I feel that I have become a part of your family and you mine. Who knows one day we may finally cross the 4212 miles to share a cup of tea and natter just like old friends.

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    I am equally honored that I can call you my dearest friend. What a treasured work-of-art this is to me which will definitely be framed and find a spot on my desk. Yes, someday we will share a cup of tea together and admire each others scrapbooks! You are a dear, thank you for such a lovely, personal gift.
    Very pretty layout and a sweet tribute to your friend.
    ohhhh, how wonderful! just love it and how you put it all together!!
    Beautiful page. I love the photo in the teacup; and what lovely journaling.
    So sweet Sonia! I agree Joyce is amazing!
    This is really lovely. Great journaling. Isn't that what Scrap Girls is all about. Making just the best friends.
    This is such a neat layout, great job!
    Marvelous work Sonia! The journaling is great!
    I really like your layout -- caught my eye. But I mostly enjoyed your story! Hope you two will one day Soon meet for that cup of friendship tea!!
    The colours grabbed me in and I thought I recognised that smile! This is the most touching and personal gift, I love it. That white furniture and accessories set off the red to perfection Sonia, a beautiful beautiful page. Fingers crossed you get to meet soon :-)