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Take a Chance

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Word Art: If you get a chance...Take it

If it changes your life....Let it.


On my 60th Birthday my son game me my first Computer....I was scared to death to even turn it on. I just knew I was going to kill it. He told me to just jump right in and play with it and if anything neede fixing he would fix it.


He did not know he had created a Monster. I still have my Desktop...but now I have a new Lap Top....2 External Hard drives....I am totally amazed at how far I have come and How much I have learned. I still have a "Gazillion" things on my "To Learn" list and look forward to working on those forever. I will always be grateful that Jeff had confidence that I could do it. Now I am showing him how do do some things...which amazes him to be sure.

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Neat layout. I love the way you have the photos arranged. Your journaling is great. Neat word art too. I'll bet you had this gift in mind when you sent in your challenge suggestion.

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