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For Jenna - Hobbies

For Jenna - Hobbies

Jenna took such fun photos of her hobbies.

Products used are in the exif link.

CC thoughts opinions ideas... are all greatly appreciated, please share!

Angela N.

    What beautiful composition! I have to stick this one in my favorites file and use it as a sketch. Jenna will love it for sure!
    this is perfect,Angela! We are at the beach in Padre Island but I popped in for a quick peek. Thanks so much, can't wait to download it. :)
    I also like this one. It's great for lots of photos. Love how you did the journaling. Jenna is very talented.
    Great layout Angela.
    I love te arrangement of photos! What fun hobbies Jenna has!! Great job on this, Angela.
    Love this LO Angela! I love the arrangement of the photos and the way the journaling mirrors the grid of photos. Absolutely fabulous LO!
    Love that you stitched the word Hobbies!