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Monday Challenge

When I saw the challenge today I decided that I should make a companion page to the one I completed last night. I love using the colors and the textures of Miracles with this set of photos that I took of Nicholas having a picnic with his Papa. (I'll probably have to make a few more). Good food is called "Nummie", thus the title. So the challenge was to use just the zoom kit that accompanied the Collection. I admit, I did sneak in a few staples but everything else is from AWI_AYO_Miracles_Zoom.

Photo Information for Monday Challenge

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I just love the strips of different paper making up the mat behind Nick And your shadowing makes all the components look entirely real—like you could lift them off of the paper (if only they weren’t stapled-LOL). I don’t subscribe to the SG Club and don’t buy as many collections as I do templates, but everyone is doing such awesome with the Miracle stuff, that I’m getting more and more tempted to put it in my cart!


Did ‘nummie’ come from ‘yummy’? I get such a charge out of the things children can come up with!

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Amazing photo Joyce. I can just hear him now in the video. He is such a lovely little boy and how lucky he is to have such avtalented nanny! Love the strips of paper. What a challenge just to use a zoom kit. You did really well as I know that you love to use lots of supplies yet you still managed a masterpiece! Very well done xx

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