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Lucky Creature

Lucky Creature

Tim loves ladybugs, or as he calls them "lucky creatures". They love our house in the winter, and especially his bedroom.

The ladybugs crawling along the top are my daughters thumbprints, scanned and then I added the features in PS.

    Okay Dinny, you're like one of the most creative people I know. Love it that you are an "out of the box" thinker. The lady bug thumbprints are priceless. And here I thought they were just stickers. Wow. I LOVE how you included the lady bug in the title. That looks very cool. And your freebie is great. I'm sure lots of people will be thankful for that one. :) Did you use a certain font for the bits of journaling? I like it.
    How cute...and the ladybugs are adorable!
    awww shucks Mandy! you're too sweet!

    the font is Effloresce Antique, it a Larabie Font (he has an absolutely amazing collection of fonts! One year he did a font/day and they were all free!)

    you can find it at dafont

    thanks Angie! My kids are really starting to get into the act of scrapping. They want to help all the time now.
    I really love your photos - they are so unstyled and natural. The layout is supreme, showcasing a lot of creative talent. I think the colors are great, but what really makes this are the personal touches!
    Apr 08 2005 11:31 PM
    Such great ideas! Really super LO!
    This is really great! I love how he calls them "lucky creatures" and that the ladybug has your daughters thumb print in it. I have to say I've had times when we haven't felt so lucky in my household to have a "bazillion" of them.. they just do NOT want to go away do they? *LOL* =o)