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Week 11 March 20-26

Week 11 March 20-26

It was another rainy week with a few spots of lovely sunshine. It is still cooler than average, but the flowers seem to be blooming just fine… as are the weeds. I went to lunch with my friends on my birthday. They gave me some sweet gifts. Bob cooked apricot glazed scallops for me for dinner. They bought me a cake at Dairy Queen this year. They figured that since I wasn't eating it, they didn't even need to try to make it healthy. Cathrine had finals this week in dental school and then they had a class dinner at Spaghetti Factory. Saturday she and I went looking for a different fabric for the bridesmaid dresses that would be easier to make. We ended up buying dresses at Nordstrom. She and Charlotte love them. Annette isn't as sure, but we can always take them back if we find something better. I got a bargain on the dupioni silk for Annette's dress. There were several flaws in the fabric, so they marked it as "damaged" and gave me a 75% discount.

Thanks for looking!

B. Sweet Collection Biggie
B. Sweet Cakes Embellishments
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    Happy Birthday! Such great photos & I love the little cake.
    Great layout, April. I especially like the photo of you with the cake.
    Wonderful layout, April! I love your Happy Birthday photo! I enjoyed reading your journaling!
    Wonderful page. As always, I enjoyed the journaling and I'm really loving the font you are using for the dates!
    So lovely April. What lovely photographs, so much to look at and all so interesting.
    Lovely photo of you April. Love these two pages and enjoyed the journaling. You sure are a busy lady.
    beautiufl layout. awesome journalling and photos.