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2011_04_01 SS Use It - Texture
© &copy Heatheranne 2011

2011_04_01 SS Use It - Texture

2011_04_01 SS Use It - Texture


Life is in the Details

For added texture, I added a new fill layer over the background and chose woven at 500%. I moved the background paper above the fill layer and used Enhance/Adjust Colour/Hue Saturation, after I had used the eyedropper tool, to choose a colour from mom's dress. I then set the layer to Color Burn.

When I clipped the photo to the photo matt, the folds of the matt were hidden. I played with the settings in the layers palette and settled on overlay, then I could see the folds. It lightened the photo a bit too much, so I duplicated the photo which darkened it too much, so I set the opacity to 30% and it's pretty close to the original. I still wasn't happy with it, so I went into Enhance/Adjust Lighting and played with those settings a bit. I think it looks better than the original, which I had enhanced because it's old. Mom is a little dark, but it makes sense because of the fold of the paper. This was such a hoot to do!


Made with PSE9, on a Laptop PC, with Win7

Life is in the Details


ASO_HodgePodge April's Club Collection





ASO_SSWord_HodgePodge_Details - was used for the title

JWH_BrushSet_HodgePodge - was used for journaling mat


Hi Mom,

I just found this photo of you, with Wilma Harker and Irene Cormier. Do you remember when it was taken - I think it was likely in the sixties. Was I behind the camera? I know that I used to like to take pictures with your brownie and remember taking pictures for you. Perhaps it was with my Snappy camera!? It used to take square photos, just like your brownie did, but I'm not sure if it would take colour photos?!


I remember Irene's son Paul and how you would tell people he was the first boy that I slept with. The look of shock would change to smiles and laughter, after you explained your statement. There was a shortage of bassinets at the hospital, in the summer of 1952, so Paul and I shared one.


© &copy Heatheranne 2011

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