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Mon Frame Challenge - Christmas 2010

Mon Frame Challenge - Christmas 2010

Products used are in the exif link!!

CC, thoughts, ideas, suggestions and opinions are really appreciated, do share!!

Angela N.

    Love it....looks like my Shelf in the Family room :D
    I love it! All the frames look so cool together! :-)
    Cute page, Angela. The various frames make for a very homey looking page. Really fun. (Sounds like you had a great Christmas too!;))
    Wow, great photos and frames. Love the fun layout.
    Very creative, Angela! I love your journaling and how you've shaped it around the title. Wonderful family memories preserved so beautifully.
    Ooooh! It's sooooooooo creative and fun, Angela! I like, I like, I like it very much!
    What a great page. Who would think such a variety of styles could work so well?
    What a great job combining so many different frames! Great challenge, Angela!!
    Great idea for a challenge! I love all the different styles of frames! I love the eclectic style in decorating, but never thought to use it on a scrapbook page! Love all the expressions of joy on the girl's faces. Nicely done!
    Great idea and great page! Love all those happy faces! Nice background, too.