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2011_03_28 Use a Zip


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2011_03_28 Use a Zip

2011_03_28 Use a Zip

I hope I did the zip kit that was included in April's Club, justice. I decided to play with the overlay sheet. First, I clipped the embossed paper to it and used overlay on the paper to bring up the effect of the overlay. I used, Hue/Saturation to darken it slightly, because it lightened with overlay. When I inserted my photo under it, I decided that I wanted a little more view of the photo. I duplicated the two layers (overlay and split sheet), merged them together and duplicated my merged layer. I cut it so I had the right and left sides of the split paper seperated, then pulled them apart. I then lowered the opacity on each to 60%.

ABR_BWY_Fab5 - which was included in April's SG Club Kit - totally kewl!!

Calligraph421 BT

Port Severn Canal - View from the walkway, over the first Lock in Peterborough ~~~ July 2010

    Spectacular effect! I love this page, and the perspective on the photo is wonderful.
    how cool...love the overlay over the photo and the torn part that lets the photo pop through. Great job!
    I think it's just beautiful. I love the way you featured that great photo, and then blended one into the background.
    Really unique technigue. It works well to draw your eye into the center of the layout. Nice job!
    Awesome!! A very beautiful and unique page!

    I recognized the lock right away...we went up there last year in our boat...it is a wonderful place...It is a very interesting area that is for sure.

    You did a great job making this picture pop!!!