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2011_03_28 Use a Zip

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2011_03_28 Use a Zip


I hope I did the zip kit that was included in April's Club, justice. I decided to play with the overlay sheet. First, I clipped the embossed paper to it and used overlay on the paper to bring up the effect of the overlay. I used, Hue/Saturation to darken it slightly, because it lightened with overlay. When I inserted my photo under it, I decided that I wanted a little more view of the photo. I duplicated the two layers (overlay and split sheet), merged them together and duplicated my merged layer. I cut it so I had the right and left sides of the split paper seperated, then pulled them apart. I then lowered the opacity on each to 60%.



ABR_BWY_Fab5 - which was included in April's SG Club Kit - totally kewl!!



Calligraph421 BT



Port Severn Canal - View from the walkway, over the first Lock in Peterborough ~~~ July 2010


© &copy Heatheranne 2011

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how cool...love the overlay over the photo and the torn part that lets the photo pop through. Great job!

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I recognized the lock right away...we went up there last year in our boat...it is a wonderful place...It is a very interesting area that is for sure.

You did a great job making this picture pop!!!

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