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Monterey Cross

Monterey Cross

I saw this driftwood cross while wlaking on the beach in Monterey.

Supplies: ASO SSPaper Layered, JWH Brush Hodge Podge, TYO Junk Love Super Pack, BMU Styles Painted Textures, ASO Styles Glittered Gelly, ASO SSWordArt Hodge Podge, ASO SSEmb Decoupage Flowers, BVA SSPAper Entangle, ASO SSPaper Masks Grungy Stencils, BMU SSEmb Just Strings, BMU Action Mega Lift Circular, MST Style Embed, HDI Action Clarify

    This is lovely. Great photo.
    At first glance, I thought this layout was or might be symbolic--the Cross pointing towards the word LIFE. Upon closer examination, I saw some FOOTPRINTS in the sand.... Well then, guess life IS in the details. Lovely.

    There are so many interesting layers about that photo. Isn't it neat the way your photo is at the bottom of the cross, as if you are looking upwards?
    This is so striking and meaningful! Love the colors your have chosen and that awesome shadow of you looking up to the Cross!
    Great photo; the shadow really shows how you're looking up at the cross.
    Beautiful page highlighting a wonderful photo. Fantastic job with this!
    Wonderful picture. I love the shadow. The grunge effect is great with the driftwood.
    What a neat photo for a layout!