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Kids on a horse

This photo was taken in 1974 when my daughter was three. My favorite uncle was taking the four cousins for a ride on a pony.When the pony turned they all started to slide to the side. They kind of spiraled around the horses belly and landed on the ground just as they are seen on the horse. They stayed that way until us mothers retrieved them. No one was hurt, just startled. This photo always brings up the story of falling off the horse.


© &copy Kathy Engelhardt

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I love the way the ribbon wraps round the word life in the quote, giving it emphasis. Love the journaling font too. Great page.

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This is a great LO! You did a grand job picking out things to put together for it and your journaling just makes it all so perfect!! Love this little arrows you used for everyone's names.

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The story brought a smile to my face. I still love getting together with my cousins.

I love that the ribbon adds to the country feel to the LO. Great job.

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