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I'm bucking the system. Who says you need a title on every page? Hee Hee!

One day in the Cayman Islands we road around the whole island on a scooter. This is one of the scenic places we stopped to just enjoy nature. The quote along the left side of the layout says, "Nature is the art of God."

Simplistic layout to express the simplistic and peaceful beauty we saw that day. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, ya know?

    its so fun to see photos of your honeymoon as i remember the morning you left for it as you called your mom waking us girls up so early in the morning as you didn't have your passport!!!
    so its nice to remember the time there and to learn that you did eventually get to go on your honeymoon =)

    :dancingelephant: nelly
    buck the system! you don't need a title on every page, this is very elegant!