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Earth Day 2011


© Kathy Engelhardt

Earth Day 2011

This photo was taken in Hawaii. It was astonishingly beautiful there. These are birds nesting on the cliffs next to the ocean. The sky and water are so blue and the foliage is so green it almost looks unreal. When I looked at unspoiled canyons, waterfalls and beaches where the wildflowers grow with abandon, I was reminded of what a responsibility we have to protect it and preserve it for future generations. Of course we all have to do our part in our own little corner of the world.
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    Beautiful photo and I love the quotes you've used. It is an awesome gift and responsibility!
    Gorgeous photo & a nice series of quotes & journaling. Happy Earth Day!
    Beautiful photo and layout.
    Very, very nice!
    Beautiful photo and I love the way you've showcased it. Great quotes.
    What a powerful quote! I love the dark background and the scrolls. Beautifully done!