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Crafty Kids Collection Biggie

Dynamic Brush Set: Spray Paint 5401

ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Basic Shadows 6501

Font: Pea Jo


© © 2010 Shari D. Payne

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Oh, I love this LO. I love the little worm made out of playdough, the hand with the date on it and the little smiley face peeking out from a corner of the paper. So fun!

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Great photo and I love the fun colors! I really like the smiley face peeking out too. Fun layout!

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I love these colors! And, that is totally my kind of glitter (I just spent forever trying to sweep up my son's latest project :rolleyes: ) The smiley peeking out is super cute, too.

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Cutest thing every! Love the play-dough and the glitter is just perfect! I love the way you've framed the sweet pic!

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