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Monday Chat Challenge - Beware: Space Weight

Monday Chat Challenge - Beware: Space Weight

I chose BEWARE for my word art title.

At the planetarium we visited in slc was a "scale" you could stand on, you chose your location (a planet, sun, neutron star, or astroid) and it told you what you'd weigh on it. Each of us chose something different, but i was the last to get on the scale... Read what it said (each strip contains what the scale said)

CC always wanted, i love your thoughts, opinions!

Angela N.
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    What a cute idea! Very creative! I like your little spaceship too. Great job!
    This is cute. Love the photos and the word art. Well done.
    I really like the photo and tags arrangement you used. I also like the sparkles, it reminded me that I have those and need to use them because they are so cute!
    So cute! I love the journaling strips and embellies. What a fun challenge!
    Such fun! Love the title and comments by each person's name! The black and white with splashes of color really draws attention to the comments. Cute as can be!
    Cool colors, I love the little jouranling strips,fun page all around!!!
    What a fun LO -- remind me to stay away from those neutron stars! :)
    So funny, and I agree...stay away from the neutron stars! ;)
    Beautifully done, Angela! I really like the journaling on the strips and the facial expressions on your photos.
    Ooooo great page!
    cute topic to scrap...geesh, figures you'd pick the heaviest option...LOL. Love the journaling strips.