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Whack a Ro- NEED OREOS


2011 Barbara E Hughes

Whack a Ro- NEED OREOS

Check out the teeth!!

    Fun page great job.
    I'm so sorry I missed this chat. Looks like fun. Great layout.
    Barb! You did it!! I LOVE it!! This is adorable!!
    Fun, fun, fun! Nice job with your Whack!
    Great fun - love the speech bubbles!
    EWWWW.. I need to brush my teeth. It's darling, Barb!

    Gotta get me some Oreos. Maybe they would de-stress me today!
    What is MW without Oreos and Brownies? Love the teeth, too!
    love love love it, great ATC!
    How funny, Barb - love all the creativity here with Ro's photo!
    Wonderful! You have me laughing.