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Mischief Week High Noon Crop - Pupcake Love

Mischief Week High Noon Crop - Pupcake Love

Here's my LO for the High Noon Crop...a little early - lol! This was a lot of fun. I love mixing patterned papers (thanks to Anna's great Patterned Paper class!). These are two fun cupcakes I made. I was privileged to teach a group of six 3rd graders how to make the white one. They did a great job (that's another LO entirely). A couple of days later I made 2 dozen for a bake sale (Half were like the white dog. The other half were blue poodles....so funny).

These little cuties were so fun to make! I was surprised at how they came to life when the noses were put on. They were perfect for the 3rd grade Fun Day!

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    Oooooooooooh! Great grown-up fun too, Debbie! They are so cute - how talented you are! These are just adorable and I love how you scrapped them! I love mixing patterned papers too and you just did a beautiful job on your layout of these sweet cupcakes! Adorable and I know it was fun teaching those little third graders to make them - alot of giggles, I'll bet!
    I just love your creations they look toooooooooooooooooooo good to eat :)
    I love your darling cupcakes, and the layout you used to showcase them. Now if only I could taste one, (sigh). I almost forgot the great title; couldn't be more perfect.
    So cute!! Love those little pupcakes!! Love the colors & patterns on this page :)
    Those are sooo cute! Love your layout, the colors the pattern paper, the title. . . everything!
    roflol I love those cakes! Too fun! Great layout! :-)
    These are great! Your colors make this quite appealing - love it.
    These cakes are so great, I forgot to look at the papers. Had to back to see. Love the layout but, wow, those cakes....
    This is so darling Debbie! Love the colors- and what cute cupcakes! Looks fantastic.
    Debbie these are fabulous! Too cute to eat..but yeah..I'd go there..yum yum