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Mess or Masterpiece - Set it on fire!


Rozanne Paxman

Mess or Masterpiece - Set it on fire!

I just used the things we picked out. Not much else could save it. I did use a lighting-blend on one of the papers - just to be kind to myself.

    To my unpracticed eye...it looks much better than many of my pages!
    lol - love the title and journaling - I agree - looks good to me
    Oh, Ok Ro -- I LIKE this, but I feel a little better about the mess of pieces I have!
    At least I see how you can put together a cool layout with them - I like it!
    Except for the birdies, it looks pretty good! LOL
    Very creative I think!
    At least you have a captive audience. (The birdies) LOL. I love the photo and the title.
    Now I know what your bright idea was. You really set this one on fire. I love it.
    Very cute. I love your sense of humor. This turned out very cute!