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Mess or Masterpiece? MESS-TERPIECE for sure


2011 Barbara E Hughes

Mess or Masterpiece? MESS-TERPIECE for sure

It was going lovely until we added embellies, LOL

Supplies in xrif.

    You're right... that background paper is lovely with the photo. Love the title of it - messterpiece!
    Something fun to remember the fun we had this week!
    Love the title!
    Oh, how clever -- I kinda like it!
    And, guess what -- MY alpha came out to be the same one! :)
    Great job! :)
    looks good to me
    Fabulous title!!! Way to go with what you got!!
    Love the photo and the paper. Fun title. Very clever.
    Love the paper and photo together. You did a good job with the random stuff, also.
    Beautiful! The paper certainly goes with that wonderful photo! :-)