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SS Use It - Dads birthday

SS Use It - Dads birthday

Okay, i used 2 ss papers.

The first one.. the off the wall was a solid ss paper, i simply used hue/saturation to pick a orange/yellow color from the wall in the photos.

Then with the deco rounds which had invisibility... i did this:

  • New fill layer - color fill .... with a more saturated dandelion yellow and hard light blending mode on the color fill
  • then on the deco round layer i changed the blending mode to Overlay (giving it a more blended look to the other paper).
What do you you all think of the paper? CC is much appreciated.

I also tried overall to keep it a manly look... but still like a celebration...

Angela N.

    This is lovely. I love the photos and the paper matches them so well. Great paper and embellishments.
    Adorable, Angela. I love the photo of your girls with their Dad. That is so special.
    How cute that all your girls will play hunting games with him! Love that! Thanks for sharing the technique you used with the papers. I think it's beautiful. It still looks masculine with the bow and flowers and stitching. Well done!
    Very pretty - and the Golden Mean too!
    Wow you are rocking the layouts. I love this one too!