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Whack-A-Ro ATC & Mischief Quote Chat

Mischief week is so much fun -- lots of chocolate around! :)

I combined the Mischief Quote Chat with the Whack-A-Ro ATC challenge.

The quote is from the Mischief Quote Chat.


For this ATC I used:

MAD Gather Embellishments

MST Cooking Collection

EHI Patisserie Collection

and internet photos

Recommended Comments

LOL this is soooooooooooooooo cute, Marilyn!! Ro DOES look like she is up to no good here!! Is she hoarding all that chocolate for herself? Not our Ro!! (she's too generous hearted!!)

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hahahahaha! Soooooo cute, MariJ! So, so cute! You did a great job! Ro does look as if she's up to no good but........I have to agree with Lei - she's way too generous! (Although I do remember that she had brownies the other day and didn't share, so.......)


Very nice - love your photo and of course, 'whacking Ro'

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