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KVE_Victorian Garden_Biggie


Guitar Gal
I take Guitar Lessons, every Wednesday afternoon.
Heatheranne ~~~ 2011

    Beautiful, Heather ... and how awesome that you are learning guitar! I am finding such joy in learning to play the dulcimer - new to me this year! I really like your card. Thanks so much for sharing! Don't forget to send the high res to me for swapping! (scrapgirl.bride@gmail.com)
    Beautiful, Heatheranne - I love the shadow of the guitar in your layout - I wondered if you were still learning to play the guitar and how you were doing. Great card - so well done.
    I love this ATC! I especially like the background papers and your guitar shadow. BTW, good for you learning to play the guitar!
    Beautiful Heatheranne. Love the background papers and the shadow of the guitar. How great that you are learning to play the guitar.
    Wow -- gorgeous ATC and impressive new learning!
    I love how you made your card -- the colors are so warm and rich and your background is so pretty.
    Wonderful ATC Heatheranne! It's fantastic that you are leaning to play the guitar.
    Nice - love the layering! Good for you to be learning the guitar!
    That's impressive, Heatheranne and it's a really nice layout - I like your frame & all the patches of pastel colors.