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Mischeivious Siggy

Mischeivious Siggy

My Answers:
Cornflower (using for font color
Orange (emb color
Black (outlining font)
Font (using this for my name)
Fall (fall looking mushroom)
Night (stars and moon)
Birthday parties (yummy cake icing embs)

Products used:
SBA Bella Marie
BMU BSweet
LSH GardenLetters
BMU Route19
ASO SS Style PhotoMasks
AWI Murano Beads
SBA Moments
DEB Innocence
BMU AYOZoom FromTheDeskOf

CC wanted.

    I guess I missed this, Angela so not sure what "your answers are" is about, but I love your mischievous siggie! I like the icing look of the letters and the colors you used.
    Love the font and the frog. Looks good.
    So cute!! I love it!