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speed scrap

speed scrap

Task 1: Once upon a time there were several little pixies who

were the best of friends, one of whom is Angela! They often

played together and were full of mischief. Choose 2 photos and

play with them by altering them in some way. (change the levels,

sepia, bw, add a style or pop action etc).

increased saturation and contrast

Task 2: Along came another little pixie by the name of Carla,

who was very special and wanted to play too! She carefully chose

her best dress and carefully fluffed up her wings before

approaching the other pixies. Choose 2 pattern papers and 2

solid papers for your layout. (they do not have to be


ABM_WoodsFields_addon (matting the big photo)

Task 3: When Carla approached the group, Angela laughed with the

other pixies in glee and shouted “Someone to tease!” The pixies

decided they would only include Carla if she went on a scavenger

hunt. Carla had to find (and you do too....) 5 different

flowers, 2 ribbons, 3 buttons, 1 scrap of paper.

SNU_JIF6_OnAWhim-Flowers_Shadow (3 flowers!)


2 buttons are attached to flowers above

BMU_Kingdom_EMB_FoldedPaper (for a scrap)

Task 4: After Carla finished collecting all the items, the other

pixies decided to let her join their group! As a welcoming gift,

the pixies gave Carla a makeover! Add one more photo to your

layout and delete one of the papers you chose in task #2.

Task 5: Angela and the pixies had a grand time playing. They

would play ball with the flower bulbs and sprinkle pixie dust on

everything they could! Choose a round embellishment, an anchor

or two (staple, brad, more buttons), and some glitter or

“bling”…..glitter, jewels, sparkle, etc. in addition to the

items in task 4.

ABR_YouAre_Emb-Scroll (round!)

Task 6: As the sun started to set on this fun day, the pixies

played tag with their shadows and each took a turn sharing their

favorite moments. Finish your layout by adding six sentences of

journaling, shadows and a title using 2 different fonts or

alphas, or a combination of fonts and alphas. Upload your

layouts to the Mischief Week Gallery within 1 hour!

    Great layout! I love your papers and the way you arranged your photos. Nice job!
    I love the fasteners you chose and the touches of bright color from the flowers. And I like the paper on an angle. I can't believe you did this in an hour!
    Wow! So well executed!! You've clearly done Speed Scrap before. You make it look just TOO easy! I am impressed!
    This is really great. I love it. Such a fun layout.
    This looks great and not at all like a speed scrap - great job
    Your LO is very impressive for a speed scrap - clean, organized, and yet original. I love the angles, and the contrast of polka dots and gingham checks with your photos. Great job!