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Journaling: This was a memorable day when we went to the Tacoma Zoo . This Beluga whale came right over to see Emily and other children and was obviously as curious about them as they were about the little whale. Its intelligence was palpable. It was a reminder of the sacredness of all living beings. I think it is so important to teach children to respect all living things.

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Hmm, I thought the credits would show up. I'm still such a clutz at posting here. Here are the credits for Wonder since I can't figure out how to edit this now.





BVA Well Worn brush


DMI Breezy brush

Flowers of the Fairy Field bubbles

SunFlower-Dive into Summer



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This is magical - just beautiful!

I love your blended background and the way you placed the smaller three in "windows".

Your embellishments are wonderful, along with the bubbles, word art and touching journaling.

Really, really special page.

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WOW. What an amazing layout. I love your background and your journaling. I love seeing sea creatures and I agree, they are so smart.

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This is the most amazing layout that I have seen in a long time. The photos and the blending are just fantastic. Really awesome. Well done.

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Guest glitterfairy

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from Chloe glitterfairies daughter



It's so beautiful. I love the colors and the background.

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This gives me such a feeling of peace. I love the way you blended the one photo into the background. Great journaling too.

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Oh, wow! I've seen the belugas at the Tacoma Zoo! I could make a very similar layout, LOL. They way you used the brushes and frames is just brilliant!

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