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NSD 2011 Use Your Stash

NSD 2011 Use Your Stash

My new item was the Take Wing scrap pack. I used two papers, one word art, and three embellishments. For my favorites, I used SBA Basic Shadows, and the Segoe Script font.

America's Stonehenge is in New Hampshire. We had seen it in a show on the Discovery Channel and decided to go there for one of our adventure days. No one is sure who built them or why, but the stones both in the structures and along the walls line up with the solstice and equinox and other astronomical events.

For this layout, I thought it more fun to imagine who was in the structure - create a story - populate the woods, etc. Who knows?

    Great photo. I love the splotches and the title.
    Cool! I haven't heard of these stones; very neat. I like the title done on the piece of patterned paper. Thanks for chatting and scrapping with us!
    Nice paper combo and love he splotches for added color.
    I like. Nice info. I didn't know we had that in the US
    I've never heard of this place! I just learned something new :) Great job combining your stash, and thanks for chatting with us!
    Didn't know either. Very fun LO
    Fun layout and intriguing question and place!
    I like your background and the splotches of color.
    We have structures like that in UK. Definitely astrological. May also be a burial chamber? Great page. Makes you stop and look.