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Once Upon a Time...I had a track record ;)

Once Upon a Time...I had a track record ;)

It was so fun to find this old photo of me. I couldn't wait to scrap it.

I used Angie Briggs "Just B U" Collection


This is me at 12 years old and in the 6th grade. I was so excited when I found this photo! This is such a special memory for me. I loved track and worked so hard to run fast! This was the year that I almost beat the district record for the 440! I missed the record by only a few hundreths of a second! This was a super big accomplishment to get on the record board. Iím sure my name isnít on there now because itís now the 400m, not 440 :(
Iím the ďLynn NelsonĒ on the board. Now, I have the privilege of seeing my kids on their record boards at their school...EVEN BETTER!


    What a wonderful page Lynne and what an accomplishment. All I managed was 27th out of 28 for discus throwing! Must look out that collection - the colours were perfect for your picture.