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If you see a crocodile


Hilary Locke

If you see a crocodile

Rowan loves the nursery rhyme "Row row row your boat gently down the stream...."and has been rowing his arms in time with the tune from a very early age. Since I was a child the rhyme has acquired a couple of extra verses including "Row row row your boat gently down the stream. If you see a crocodile dont forget the scream!"
My daughter was in charge of the camera yesterday and was able to capture Rowan's little game with me and the croc. So glad it wasnt real! The scrap page and the title were already forming in my head before I arrived home lol!

This is not my usual style so if anyone has any suggestions for improvement I would love to know.

Cartoon crocodile taken from internet and coloured
BMU SSTools Styles Megalift
Font Jokerman, Comic Sans, Lucida Bright

We found a metal crocodile hiding in the bushes at the local garden centre. Rowan was too scared to pat the crocodile himself but he kept taking me back to it and getting ME to pat it on the back! 19/5/2011


    How fun! love the nursery rhymes, but I don't remember that one song that way, very appropriate! You are a true scrapper when you are already forming the LO in your head! Great for you!!
    I like it -- great layout! I love the "crocodile-like" colors you used and your embellishments and title is perfect!
    Your photos are really wonderful too!
    what a cute fun layout. Love the croc. This is so colorful. Sweet photo.
    How cute this is. I never heard that extra verse before.
    Beautiful layout! I love the croc and the whole environment you created.
    Oh, how cute is this! The story is just adorable and well worth preserving. Love the croc and that photo of you is hilarious! I especially like the title work and font! I also like the lyrics around the border. Super sweet page!