Stamped & Ready-to-Grow!

I spent the time while the MB was rejuvenating to finally attempt to install the two styles I'd bought quite a while ago.

Had trouble with the Stamp Maker, but one tip from Brandy this morning and I was ready to go!

I tried them both out on this layout - Brandy Murray's Stamp Maker and Color Isolation actions are just AWESOME and so much fun to use...

Plus -- she did all the work making them and all I had to to was "apply"!!! :)

Thanks for your kind help Brandy.


For this layout I used:

BMU SS Tools- Actions: Stamp Maker

BMU SS Tools - Actions:Color Isolation

VRA New Beginnings Paper (I used the color isolation on that, too!)

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Wow! How beautiful! I love the woodcut look of your flower - is that the isolating action?

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really nice! i spent the outage delving into brushes. but now i want to figure out styles too. great layout - so much interest.

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How sweet is this! I am so glad you had fun with the actions. Ted Red Isolation is my favorite too.

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Well, it was worth the learning process! This is wonderful. Beautiful photo and child and perfect for a stamp. Amazing how making that stamp made her the layout focus, despite the very large and beautiful flower. This is a great study...into my favorites!

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What a wonderful layout! Color Isolation just went on my wishlist, based on your marvelous layout! I love the stamped effect, too (I need to dust off that tool, also.)


Thanks for sharing such a great layout, for asking for help from the MB, and for persevering. It was definitely worth it!

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Marilyn, this is awesome. I have put this action in my cart. If I have any problems I will just PM you. It sounds easy enough though. Love the layout.

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