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2011_05_01 Swap 4 Michele

2011_05_01 Swap 4 Michele












Fredericksburg, Virginia, February 19, 2010


Winter Walk Downtown


After being cooped up for days, we needed to go outside for some sunshine and exercise. We decided to go downtown. Rhiannon wanted to get fudge. It was hard to find a parking space, but I finally found one by the river, where they had piled some huge mountains of snow, which of course the kids wanted to climb.

The few blocks we had to walk to the main street and the fudge shop was good exercise. We stopped to look in windows and saw some interesting things. A door on one shop had a mirror, so I was able to take a group portrait. On another door, we found a painting of a Civil War soldier, and the girls saluted him. At the fudge shop, I agreed when Caroline asked for the huge strawberry-flavored lollipop, figuring she deserves it since she can't eat fudge. When the kids looked in the toy shop window, Rhiannon kept asking Ian, "Can you find the bear? Can you find the doll? etc." It was a good afternoon.


© &copy Heatheranne 2011

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Wonderful layout - I really like those "cut-out" snowflake/circles all around -- they look 3-D!

I also really like how you arranged the photos and journaling.

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Those roundabouts look so much like snow flakes...inspired decision! Love your composition.

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Gotta love cabin-fever-relievers! Sometimes, it doesn't matter what you do or where you go, as long as it's OUT! ;) HeatherAnne, what a great LO. I like the arrangement of the photos. The one slightly offset from the others is a great accent.

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What a fun layout! It sounds like a great day, too. I love the background on this!

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