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2011_05_01 May LO Contest - Flowers


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2011_05_01 May LO Contest - Flowers

2011_05_01 May LO Contest - Flowers

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Country Charm


Spring - 2011

My daughter, Tina and her hubby, John, finally got the ground floor apartment that they had wanted for many years. This was the year that she would finally have her garden. Like me, she doesn't just like flowers in her gardens, but ornaments can go a long way. A "Pouty Girl" that she had in the corner of her living room, was dressed in a red sweat shirt and placed in the garden, leaning on a shovel. Rocks were added for a touch of interest, then screens were formed over the young plants, to keep the rabbits away. One of the most unique ornaments, other than the 'Pouty Girl', is a bird feeder that Tina made. A hard plastic ash tray was repurposed, by drilling a hole in the centre and bolting it to the top of a painted post, that works as a support for vines and is surrounded by small flowering plants. Bird seed is placed in the ashtray, so that Tina, John and the cat, can watch them feed.

    The garden and the layout look fab!
    Beautiful page! I really like how the title is on the "path" through the garden. Excellent!
    Wonderful garden and layout. Enjoyed the journaling.
    Great photos of that beautiful garden.
    Fabulous! Fabulous! I love this page, Heatheranne! I love the way you placed these lovely photos on your layout! And I really enjoyed reading about your daughter's new apartment!
    Love this one! The title is great and the photos do a wonderful job telling the story.
    Super story telling with pictures & journaling.
    lovely display of the garden! i like the layers of torn paper and the title, too.
    Nice job, Heatheranne. I love the curled paper edges and your wonderful title.
    I get a wonderful sense of peace just looking at your layout! Love the title on the garden path. Into my favorites it goes.