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Desert Rose

Supplies are in properties. Journaling can be read on 12 x 12. Harder in small format - journaling follows


If I search deep into my soul, I find the spirit of the "desert rose". Life is not always easy. I occassionally find myself outside the safety of my "garden walls". Vulnerable to my insecurities with questions about my place in this world, reflecting about what is art and what is craft, trying to balance what is important, influenced by those who do not always have my best interest at heart. Outside my garden walls prickly cactus grow "roses" in hues only our Creator could imagine. Struggling to survive most of the year they fight to merely sustain life but in the spring, no matter the challenges, they bloom. Pops of irridescent color against a backdrop of thorny green. A feast for the eyes in an arid, golden desert. These amazing "roses" remind of the pleasures that await when I take the risk to live outside the safety of my "garden walls". May I find the courage to live every day of my life in the spirit of a "desert rose". Let me dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in my hair.

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Gorgeous layout! I love how you did the title and blended the edges of the photo. The border overlay really ties it all together. Wonderful, wonderful journaling.

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Great photo!! What a beautiful flower! I really like the way you have the ribbon weaving in the title!

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