Guess Who's Five

HELP! I'm stuck! The title goes under the main filmstrip, with "Five" being her hand. Other pictures to be added to the angled filmstrip. But the layers are getting lost in each other.

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I would not know how to give advice, but I like what I see. Pretty colors and photos. Love the film strips. I see what you mean with the journaling and can't wait to see what advice you get.

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I think it looks great so far. I am not losing the blue layers at all and can't wait to see the finished product.


My only suggestion so far would be to add some more green somewhere, maybe some leaves with the flowers, or maybe you already have that planned out.

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This is really good! But I see what you mean. The layers aren't getting lost - you just have elements competing with one another. Here's a thought - move the little filmstrip to the left so that it's positioned as if it's going through your two clusters. Continue below the large strip to to the bottom of the page. It will then be anchored by your great clusters and not floating around. Use a simple title - like a big number five, right there on your journaling circle, completing the cluster.

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