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2011_05_01 SG Club - 14 Stones


© Heatheranne 2011

2011_05_01 SG Club - 14 Stones

2011_05_01 SG Club - 14 Stones

14 Stones

Made with PSE9, on a Laptop PC, with Win7

I changed the colours to go with my photos.

For the photo background layer, I used a sketch mode sandwiched between to photos, lowering the opacity on each until I was satisfied.

BMU_Zoomba - Brandy Murry's, May Club Collection



"I walked fourteen stones today!', Ron exclaimed, as he walked in the front door.
"What does that mean?", I asked, in utter confusion.
"I paced off the driveway to see how many feet it is to walk around it once, then divided that into how many feet are in a mile and it worked out to fourteen times", Ron replied.
Still a little confused, I asked, "Okay, but where do the stones come in?"
"Well, I keep losing track of how many times I've walked around the driveway, so I put fourteen stones on the well. Each time I get to the well, I move a stone to a new pile", was his reply.
I laughed at his ingenuity and told him what a great idea it was.
Of course I had to do a layout about it, so I went out took photos of his next walk. As he approaches the house and well, Tok - our Husky, watches from the side patio. Ron move a stone to a new pile on the well, then crosses in front ot the house and walks up the other drive. Carley greets him in front of the house, then stays by the garage, as Ron goes up the second part of the circular drive and across the font of the yard. When Ron is finished his walk, he sits on the wrought iron furniture that is placed under the big pine, with the company of the dogs. A little secret - Ron doesn't realized that I've added a couple of stones over the past couple of weeks, although I think he'll catch on when he reads this. :-)

    Hee-hee. Great story Heatheranne! Love that you added more stones and I have to agree that Rons method of keeping count is an ingenious one!,, love the larger ic with the smaller photos all around! Grant layout and very creative as always.
    What a fun story!! Really like the way you have circled the journalling with the leaf vine!
    What a lovely event to record. I so much enjoyed reading your journalling. You have achieved an interesting effect with the large photo.
    This is really great! Your pictures and journaling of this moment really made me feel like I was walking too. I love when a layout does that! Such a great memory to keep!
    LOL...love the story that goes with this! Great job using so many photos; it looks terrific.