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Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

Took me forever, but I started one day before deadline <sigh> still struggling with some aspects of PSE 8 and a mixed up computer.

Decided to just highlight one flower!

Original photo
Straigtened, cropped and triplicated; bottom layer, added Sepia tones and underpainting texture; next layer I carefully selected the brick wall and the flowers removing the white door (badly in need of a coat of paint) and slid BHA_Stylize_Special_12x12_Scratched; behind then played with the layers, choosing linear burn. The layer had the bottom part of that same left side cut away to keep the darkened tones of the background layer. The cut-away flowers were duplicated as a top layer and YES a small bevel and shadow to make them "POP" Underneath I added an aged linen_grunge overlay; journaling done on BHA_SSEmb_Special_KeepCard_Remembrance using Chopin Script and Bookman Old Style fonts.
I wanted to leave the brick untouched as I thought it added to the "Old Fashioned" theme.



Old-fashioned bleeding heart:

kind, sparing
Synonyms: all heart, beneficent, benign, benignant, charitable, clement, compassionate, condoning, easygoing, feeling, forbearing, forgiving, generous, gentle, gracious, heart in right place, humane, humanitarian, indulgent, kindly, lenient, liberal, merciful mild, pardoning, pitiful, pitying, soft*, softhearted, sympathetic, tender, tenderhearted, tolerant

I think we have a lot of SG Bleeding Hearts by definition!


    Very cool layout, Jan. I like the way you have a "cut" edge on the part of the flowers and leaves. Neat journaling card too. Nicely done.
    One of my absolute favorite flowers...what a lovely photo. I love the texture in the background, and your journaling is fabulous.
    I especially like how you did your journaling! Very creative!
    Beautiful photo and great background. Love your journaling with the definition of 'bleeding heart'. I took a photo of a bleeding heart at the Botanical Garden and it was white and red. They are such beautiful flowers, but then again, what flower isn't beautiful.....
    Lovely layout. Your photo is beautiful, and I love your journaling.