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3 Cheers!

3 Cheers!

Don't know about this - probably need to step back for a while and look at it later.

Jaymee at the opening football game 2009.
You were the new kid at high school,
the new member of the cheering squad,
the new member of the basketball team and
new member of the softball team.
You handled all that and remained a top
honor student.
Three Cheers for You!

Supplies in EXIF

    love the extraction of the pony tail flipped up!
    Oh, I like, I like! Love the pony tails and love, love the confetti sprinkled around! LOVE THAT PURPLE!
    What a fun shot. Love the action and the confetti. Great job with the color challenge. :)
    Soooo clever - well done you!
    Really super photo. I love the title, colors and confetti. Great layout.