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My Dad, Naval Hero

My Dad, Naval Hero

This was my dad, well before I was born. That's his actual U.S. Navy trunk. My older sister (by 14 years) had it for many years, and when she passed away it came to me. We always laughed that when she was a toddler she could recite daddy's serial number without missing a beat. "Nine eighty-nine eighty-nine oh two!"

The trunk gets used every December as a Christmas tree stand! We tip it on its side, set the tree on top of it, and drape the base with a Christmas tree skirt. It makes it the perfect height to view through our front window!


Supplies: (edited to add the beads brush)
Fonts: Stencil (daFont.com), Tekton Pro

Harry T. Bragg
Daddy always said he fought the Battle of the Great Lakes. He was stationed in Chicago for the duration of his service.

    Oh, I love this layout, Becky - it's just awesome! What a great thing to have as a treasured memory of your Dad! I love the photo you have of your Dad and love, love the photo of his trunk! This is just a great memory and you've really scrapped it so well! Beautifully done!
    Lovely photo. Great layout. I love the way you did the numbers on the chain.
    What a gorgeous LO! And a handsome father too. :)
    Thank you all so much! This is the LO I lost last week when I closed the wrong file. :hit-head-with-hammer:
    seeing how well yours turned out inspires me to try and do one of my dad who was also in the navy--I think he stayed on some lake too.
    This immediately caught my eye. It's so beautifully put-together: color, arrangement, everything. How nice that you still have the trunk. Your father sure was handsome!
    Love the soft colors.
    I had to go look up your layout after seeing your comment on mine. lol! Love this!!
    Wonderful layout!
    Wonderful layout!