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My Granddaughter is a PA now!

My Granddaughter is a PA now!

My oldest granddaughter just graduated and is now a PA! She's in the Air Force, stationed in CA and we are so proud of her.

This is just a little card I made for her to send along with a little gift!

I used ASO_Bespoke Collection.

    I love how you put this card together, Sara. The black, teal and white are so eye-catching! Congrats to your granddaughter!
    this is a lovely card, Sara!
    Love this card Sara! The colors and the doodle sentiment are wonderful!
    Such a sweet card and sentiment! She will love it! And, congratulations to the PA! That's such a great accomplishment, and to think it all started with you!
    Cute card. I know how proud you are. Isn't grandmotherhood great!!