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Yo-Ho-Ho in Hendersonville

Yo-Ho-Ho in Hendersonville

I did a layout last year with the pics I took of our very own local pirate and when I saw Jen Reed's new collection, Pirate Code, it inspired me to do another one using these photos. I saw our pirate downtown this past weekend and almost took some new photos of him, but he hasn't changed a bit since I took these last ones! Same guy, same bird! I didn't put the patch over his eye in this layout.

Jen Reed's Pirate Code

    GREAT layout Sara! I love your wonderful photos and the collection is just perfect for them!
    I also really like the titles and embellishments you used. Fun page. :)
    How clever! Great collection for your photos - great poses from the bird. I really like the arrangement of everything on the page - it looks sooo good.
    Love it, Sara! Jen's pirate collection is fantastic and this layout just makes me smile! He doesn't look like a very scary pirate! ;)
    This is great! A pirate for sure! The pirate collection is just perfect here -- and I love how you used it to enhance those wonderful photos!
    Sara, you outdid yourself with this. I absolutely love it. 'Shiver me timbers' indeed. :o
    Your photos are wonderful and he does look like a pirate. Does he have an earring in his other ear?

    Love this collection and you used it to perfection. Love, love, love it.
    What a great page - love your local pirate (and all that "pirate-y talk".) I have to agree - this pirate looks pretty benign.
    I adore this! Great make-over, too!
    Well, shiver me timbers that is a great layout. Love the photos.
    Oh!! What an awesome photo for this one! I'm so glad you were able to use my new collection. LOVE IT!
    I like this new collection too and you have used it so well here. Nice job!