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Chicken Salad - Southern Style

Chicken Salad - Southern Style

The gremlins have attacked my software and I'm working to figure out what's going on, but I managed to at least get this much of a recipe card done....

I used MJO_Eclectic

    This is one of my favorite variations of chicken salad. Thanks for sharing! And I love the kit you used.
    Pretty card Sara and your recipe sounds yummy!
    Hope those Gremlins go home... :)
    Great card Sara. I love it when fruit is used in chicken salad. I do that often.
    Yummmm! Ths sounds wonderful!!
    Oh, grapes and pecans? Sounds delicious!!
    I have a very similar recipe-I almost scrapped it! (mine has water chestnuts, bacon and sour cream too) Love the crunch!

    Great collection for the card-tfs!
    Oh, I'm hungry! Super card Sara. I'm not familiar with Duke's mayo.
    Tasty. Great rustic look.
    Oh Sara, this sounds delish! I can't wait to try this one. Nice card too!
    really sounds good! Looks like your card has been used often! Love that look on a recipe card - that's how you know its a good one!