Look what I found in my mailbox!

Rich went out to get the paper this morning and there was a package in my mailbox for me! It must have come late last evening because it wasn't there when I got the mail so imagine my surprise!

It was a package from Di for me! And look at the little guy who was inside the package! I was overcome with all kinds of emotions when I opened the box and saw this little guy, but I really lost it when I read Di's poem that she wrote that this sweet little monkey brought to me. Di and I have been Scrap Girl friends for a long, long time and her package with this little monkey this morning just brought me to tears realizing just how wonderful Scrap Girl friendships are and how much they mean to me.

What a treasure our friendships are - my heart is full this morning and I am unusually at a lack for the right words, but I just had to share my little surprise with everyone.

Di, I love ya, girl! This is the sweetest gift ever and I will treasure it always!

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Oh, what a touching layout Sara! I love your cute photos and the sweet colors you used to scrap your special gift and poem.

Thanks for sharing!

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How wonderful this is. Di you are a sweetheart and your poem is sweet and lovely. This page is so cute and so is your new friend, Sara. Love the heart and quote.

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Oh Sara, this is lovely. It's such a sweet thing that Di has done. I love your little gift and the poem. Awesome layout.

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How great is this! What a lovely thing to do. I have to agree with Di - you are a kind and helpful cyber-friend, Sara.

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Awwww Sara.....now you have made me cry! I'm SOOO glad you liked it! Sorry I haven't responded sooner but I have been off line for a few days. Been so busy trying to get packed to move and all the doc visits.

I Love the LO Sara...it's so adorable!! Thank you for sharing!!

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