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Riding on My Horsey

Riding on My Horsey

This is about a song that my husband made up for our daughter whenever she rides on his lap.

The funny thing is, when I first re-sang this to her, I always got the lyrics wrong as "pony." Jeff would dutifully correct me: "It's a horsey--a HORSE-Y--Mommy!"

Layout uses:

    PRECIOUS! I love that your husband made up a song! And I loved that you scrapped this adorable layout about it! I used to make up songs all the time for Christopher - such fun!
    This is such a sweet layout and I love your daughter's own personal song!
    Your photo blended background is beautiful and so is Mercy. I also really like the big Horsey and how you wrote your journaling.
    Such a wonderful page. :)
    That expression is soooo stinkin' cute! I love that horse too.
    awwwwww! she's so adorable! I love this layout and I LOVE this collection :)
    This is just wonderful! What a precious photo and I love that you enlarged it and used it for the background. Great colors and I love the song too!
    What cute little photos. I love the poem and the title. This is such a sweet layout.
    :giggle_bear: Look at that precious grin.
    Such an adorable layout.
    How PRECIOUS! That is one happy baby, and that grin is so adorable! The LO is great--love the colors, arrangement and the faded background image is beautiful and a neat technique I'd like to try in the future. Wonderful captured moment in time!
    This is just awesome! Love the LO but the photo is the best part - what a great smile! TFS