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6/18 Color Challenge

I used:








I used BMU_Seascape_LO-2_300 for inspiration, it comes with the Seascapes Collection!


Thanks for looking!


© &copy MMiller 2011

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I love how you have clustered your photos on top of a full-page ocean photo. The splashes around the edge of the cluster add just the right finishing touch.

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This is gorgeous Mimi!! I love the large photo as the background, and the way the clustering frames the two smaller photos. Thanks for joining the color challenge!

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This is amazing! Your 2 smaller pictures appear to be part of the larger picture - LOVE this effect! The splashes and the word art are a great addition too.

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Really nice. I had to look hard to see if the framed photos and the background were any different. Your clusers are lovely.

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Mimi I haven't seen your work for ages!!! Either I have just missed you or you haven't been around all that much but it is sooooooo nice to see your work again. You sure haven't lost your wonderful touch!

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