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My Dad


Heather Whitman 2011

My Dad

My Dad

I used many layers, different settings, along with cut and paste, to get this effect. One technique that I used, was to add a 150 pix stroke to the outside of the photo, then with a selection of it, on a new layer, I clipped BMU_BeautifulBlack_Paper_Special, to it for my frame. The black paper was also used to colour the other two papers.

Made with PSE9, on a laptop PC, with Win7





    This is gorgeous! What a wonderful job you did with this layout. I love the reflection, the curl, the colors, everything!
    Very cool layout, Heather. I love how you did the reflection. Wonderful photo to work with too.
    That is REALLY cool. Love the reflection effect.
    Gorgeous layout. Absolutely amazing what you did with the papers and reflections... Really lovely and your photo is so special.
    Very wonderful page.
    Love the reflection effect, Heatheranne! What a cool technique to use! Great layout! Very unique and very Heatheranne!
    This is stunning .... such an artistic feel and unexpected colors. Love it!
    what a fantastic Lo. i love the reflection. i have so much to learn.
    Thats a great photo you have there Heatheranne! Great work with the reflection. Thanks so much for joining in on the challenge.
    That reflection is so interesting. Nice use of pespective.