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Task 17,18,19; Esti

Task 17,18,19; Esti

Poor old Esti always has to model when I have to do 'homework' Thanks to Becca, I took a photo of Esti with Christmas lights behind her.

I used a grunge Brush to make a photo mask following the tutorial in the News letter dd March 30.

1. Place your photo in a new layer on top of your background.
2. Add a new layer on top of your photo.
3. Using the brush of your choice, start stamping until you have covered the part of your photo you want to show.
4. Move the brush layer under your photo layer.
5. Clip your photo to the brush layer by doing CTRL G.



    What a good model she is! I love your blue background - her photo looks so pretty against it! Very creative use of the brushes, Belle - you just do a great job with your layouts and your "assignments"!!!!
    Beautiful Esti and layout, Belle and thank you so much for explaining the grunge brush.
    Your photo looks great and I like your title and the bright strip with the embellishments around it.
    Great work on this one, Belle. Esti does show a lot of patience posing for you. And she's such a beautiful model.
    She's lovely. Since she's smiling happily, I'll assume she doesn't mind a bit posing for you. I love this layout, especially that elegant blue background. The mask is great! I'l have to give that a try.
    It's lovely. I like the blue and yellow together.
    Lovely paper and boarder. Great page.
    Love blues and yellows together - the nicest part of the LO is Esti's smile. Lovely page.
    Great mask work. I like the stitching too.