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Here is the page I did for you, Laura. Here is Buddy dreaming of Dora finally being nice to him and accepting him as a BFF.



BMU SSPaper Stackers 3b TearsLiftedShadow

BMU SSPaper Stackers 3 background

BMU SSPaper Stackers 4c Stitch

BMU SSPaper Stacker 8B

BMU SSPaper Stacker 89b TearsEdges

AFT Jif6 JubColor1Paper

AFT AVO ZmPgJubilantStamp

AFT JubilantEmbTalkBubble3

AFT JubliantEmbNote4

AFT JubilantPaper14

AFT JubilantEmScallop3

AF Jify6 JubColorPaper

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Such sweet pictures ~ I like how you added Dora all nuzzled up to Buddy (in his dreams apparently, right?!) I love the colors and quote too ~ perfect for the LO.

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This is fabulous! The extraction is perfect. Only in Buddy's dreams, lol! Thanks for joining the swap and I hope you join in again!!

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Awesome! Bess, I love that you got so much on your page here! I loved looking at everything - what a fun layout! It is just perfect!

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Bess - can't help but giggle on this one! What a great page you made for Laura!! I love the Buddy dreaming extraction you did. Very colorful and fun layout! So glad you joined us this month!!

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This is great. I love the journaling and the layout is just perfect to tell the story of these two 'friends'

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So cute. Yes, dogs and cats are quite opposite and I love your title. It's so true. Love the dream sequence about Dora being nice to Buddy. Great background papers and love the rug.

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So much fun - my dogs are dreaming of being BFFs with the cat too - but they fear him (he's a tough cat) - the journaling is great & I think the photo of them chilling somewhat together is priceless :)

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